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At Morven Park we are committed to follow the ECAR program.  This ensures that all children who need additional support with learning how to read and write are given access to the type of intervention they need.  We currently have 2 trained teachers (Mrs Hague and Miss Wheater)  who are delivering Reading Recovery lessons to 8 pupils at a time. 


Mrs Hague and Miss Wheater work with 4 pupils each on a one-to-one basis, helping them to become independent problem solvers.  The children have a half hour lesson every day and make good progress in both reading and writing.  The lesson is broken into 6 sections.  The children start by reading 2 familiar books,  and then read a 3rd book, where  strategies the children are using to decode text are checked and built upon to help them.  Magnetic letters are used to help with word building skills.  Then a conversation is had with the pupil and they write a short story sentence.  This sentence is then cut up on card for the children to rebuild before they read a new book. 


We also provide Switch On as a reading intervention for children who need an extra boost to develop their reading skills.  The children work individually with a teaching assistant to develop good reading skills.  The children are encouraged to read at home every night to support these programs within school.  Parents are also invited to come into school and watch their child’s lesson if they are involved in Reading Recovery or Switch On.  In addition this year we are starting a new intervention program which will help children delve deeper and read between the lines in a text.  These sessions will last for approximately for 30-40 minutes and children will work in small groups with a teacher.