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Welcome to our House Championships page!!


The school house championships has evolved over the past few years. It was thought up and developed by Mr Geeson to firstly, get all children in KS2 to compete in intra-school competitions including football, tag rugby, basketball and hockey within PE lessons and secondly to make sportsday a competitive, exciting event. 


Since then it has been transformed into a whole school championships incorporating not only sporting events but also things such as maths quizzes, skill games like connect 4, art competitions and is fully integrated into the classroom with points being given for exceptional work, behaviour and effort.


Each child from entering year 1 is given a house team (Red, Green, Yellow or Blue) at random and then stays in that team until the end of year 6.


House captains and vice captains are chosen in year 6 to represent their teams and be role models for the younger children in school.


Teachers are also appointed to be house managers to help run the teams throughout the year. They also get the chance to compete for points in assemblies which the children have really enjoyed watching.






Noah Bell 

Isabella Knowles


Vice Captains:

Konrad Smith

Millie Alvey




Charlie Webber

Carys Reid


Vice Captains:

Ronan O'Brien

Yvie McFall




Jamie Taylor

Evie-May Dobb


Vice Captains:

Alfie Traynor

Marie Dooley




Connor Severn

Lucy Harrison


Vice Captains:

Joshua Squires

Ilia Murray


Current scores can be found on the website homepage.