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The Owl who was afraid of the Dark

A baby owl has never been out of its nest and it doesn’t know anything about the dark. His name is Plop and he has never flown before. His mother and father are trying to convince him to go out and be a night bird, but he wants to be a day bird.

By Madison S



This book is about an alien and his ideas and rules on how to be a mini-ruler. It is a really good book and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s very funn and really good. I would rate it 4 ½ (out of 5).

Elanor M



This is an amazing book that tells you about all different kinds of animals like: wasps, tigers and flamingos. I really like it and it is very interesting. It gives you facts about each one and gives you a diagram of the animal.

Harry H


Middle School the worst years of my Life

This story is about a teenage boy called Rafe and in this adventure he breaks every rule in the book. I would recommend it for aged 7 up because it has some words younger people won’t understand. I really love this book. It’s by James Patterson.

By Hannah C


Claude on Holiday.

It is about a dog called Claude and Mr Bobby Sock. The book is great and it is full of adventure. Claude loves socks and he packs loads of things for his holiday.

Thomas D

The Accidental Prime Minister

It is about a boy called Joe and he wanted to save to local car park. Everyone loved him so he so became prime minister. But Violetta was supposed to be prime minister next so she gets her revenge and then things start to go wrong.

By Marie


Middle School worst years of my Life

It’s about a boy called Rafe and his first few years of Middle school. I loved it because it had loads of twists. There are lots of other books in the Middle School series, and this is the first one.

By Ethan