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Recorder Club

The Recorder Club meets every Thursday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in Class 9. It consists of a mixture of abilities from Years 3 and 4. It learns new notes each week and practices pieces to perform at concerts at the end of each term. It is run by Angela, a parent of a Year 3 pupil, and Mr. Kirby.

"Recorder Club is on Thursday. The club is lead by Mr Kirby and Angela. All of us are split into two groups. All the Year 4's go together with Mr Kirby to teach us, and all the Year 3's go together with Angela. We play things at the concert. If you don't have a recorder, and you want to join, you can borrow one from school. We take music home to practice."

By Katie - Year 4


"It is an After School Club, so don't get your mum to pick you up at 3.30 on Thursday. Angela does the learners and you do one song a day. First you try it on your own. In the concert we played Hot Cross Buns. We all did our own solo. We are doing Old MacDonald next. We learn the notes together. They are really nice to us and I love going to Recorder Club."

By Lucy - Year 3

Year 3 Recorder Players

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Year 4 Recorder Players

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