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Things to do at home

All the fun activities that you do at home with your child are important in supporting their learning and development, and have a really long lasting effect on your child's learning as they progress through school. If you make the time every day to do some of the following things with your child, it will make a real difference to your child's confidence as a young learner. 


·         Sing and tell nursery rhymes

·         Talk about the numbers, colours, words and letters you see when you are out and about

·         Allow your child to cut out and stick pictures from magazines

·         Cook and bake together

·         Plant seeds or bulbs in a pot or garden patch

·         Use the weather - shadows, rain puddles, snow, wind, mist and sun - to extend your child's vocabulary

·         Explore the park at a different time of year 

·         Share a book

·         Talk to your child at every opportunity - e.g. what are you doing that day or what you are doing tomorrow/at the weekend

·         On a trip to the supermarket, talk about all the different shapes, colours, numbers you can see...make a shopping list!

Pip Sounds - During Phonics


These Pip sounds are introduced to your child every Phonics session.


Point to a Pip sound and ask your child to make the sound and show you the action. 


Play Eye Spy with your child and ask them to locate the initial sound on the mat.

PIP sounds with songs

Pip Sounds Mat

Pip Sounds Mat  1

Pip letter sounds with actions!

Still image for this video
Letter sounds with actions; s,m,c,t,g,p,a,o and r.

CVC sound BINGO!

Still image for this video
This is a game of 'Sound talk Bingo".
This helps with hearing sound talk and blending the sounds together. Such as 'b-e-d' = bed.

Brush Your Teeth

It's a song about brushing your teeth. We use this song to encourage the children to brush their teeth at the school!