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We are reading

Maths - We will continue to delve into numbers to 100 as well as exploring time and money. Place value to 100 includes comparing numbers, counting forwards and backwards and partitioning numbers. We will also look at tens and ones in numbers to 100.


Science - We will be classifying African animals into groups such as mammals, amphibians, fish, birds, insects and reptiles. We will also be discussing their young, diets and habitats. We will use vocabulary such as 'carnivores', 'herbivores' and 'omnivores' to describe an animal's diet. 


Geography -  We will explore how the weather affects our lives. As young geographers we will use simple instruments to measure the elements that make up the weather.  We will also compare the weather across hot and cold countries and focus on Kenya.  We will make comparisons with our own weather and  explore how the weather affects the lives of people.


Art - We will be developing our skills in printing, pattern and sculpture. We will complete a study of the artist Edward Said Tingatinga, an artist from Tanzania. We will take inspiration from the bright, colourful art of Africa to produce appealing pieces of art and sculpture.


R.E. - We will be studying churches as a Christian place of worship. We are hoping to visit our local church and re-enact a wedding.


Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park! The children will explore some African animals that they have been learning about as well as lots of other exciting wildlife.