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Summer 1


We are discovering what happens during growth this half term. We will be discussing different animal groups (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and insects) and how these groups reproduce their young (laying eggs or giving birth). We will also be discovering life cycles of different animals and will be lucky enough to complete a scientific investigation with real life chicks!

Spring 2


This half term we are investigating plants and their properties. We will be keeping plants healthy in the classroom as part of our investigations, we are also observing ideal growing environments for plants at our local garden centre.

Spring 1


This half term our study in science is Living Things and their Habitats. We are identifying that most Living things do have habitats and investigating where they are. We are taking a trip to find microhabitats and their inhabitants. We are creating tally charts, tables of results and graphs from the data we collect.

Autumn 2 


This half term we will looking in detail at how humans change as they grow older, drawing on our own observations. Children will be introduced to the three basic needs of animals for survival (water, food and air). They will apply this knowledge, alongside research from secondary sources, to suggest ways to look after pets. The unit ends with children looking at healthy lifestyles, including the importance of exercise, healthy eating and hygiene. These healthy living lessons develop ‘working scientifically’ skills through investigating the impact of exercise on our bodies and how handwashing is essential for good hygiene.



Autumn 1


This half term we are studying materials and their properties. We will classify, identify, compare and investigate their uses and limitations. We follow the National Curriculum guidance and AT1 structured investigations.