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Wider Curriculum



How does this resource excite and engage children's learning?


Shake up your day and learn about how, why and where earthquakes occur. There are two main ways to measure the power of an earthquake. Machines called seismographs measure the power of an earthquake at its epicentre on a scale called the Richter scale. Another meadure is the Mercalli scale, and this is based on people's observations during an earthquake.


What happens under the sea to cause a tsunami? This pack includes  a lesson presentation to scaffold the lesson, and a activity to allow children to consider the support communities affected by a tsunami might need.


A whirlwind of lesson! Children will find out about how tornadoes are made, and discover more about the work of the scientists who study them. This pack includes a lesson plan, a lesson presentation to scaffold the lesson, and differentiated activities looking at the way scientists monitor tornadoes.



Lesson 1

Earthquakes PowerPoint

Measuring Earthquakes worksheet


Lesson 2

Tsunamis PowerPoint

Make a safety Poster/Tsunami Craft


Lesson 3

Tornado PowerPoint

Tornado Intercept Vehicle worksheet/Tornado Craft