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Meet the 2017/18 team


Autumn 2017 School Council


Chair person and Year 6 representative - Nicole 

Vice Chair and Year 6 representative - Victor 

Secretary and Year 6 representative - Owen

Secretary and Year 6 representative - Kya


Year 5 - Lewis and Esther

Year 4 - Zeus and Tain

Year 3 - Macy and Hayden-Beau

Year 2 - Connie and Bobbi

Year 1 - Dylan and Isla



At Morven Park we are proud to have pupil representatives, in every year group, that take part in Class and School Council meetings-on a weekly basis. These councils are in place so that all pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions about their school. Through Class Council all pupils have the opportunity to raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions that involve all of their classmates. During our meetings we ensures that as many pupil voices are heard.


  • Each school council representative has been voted for by their class mates. Each child in Key Stage 2 who wanted to be part of school council prepared a speech and delivered it to their class. Leading onto a democratic vote to elect their class representative.
  • Elections for new school council will be held termly.
  • The Chair is in training to lead the meetings with Miss Mobbs coaching and modelling where necessary.
  • At each meeting the Chair will raise the first item on the agenda and discuss with their council.
  • The Secretary then makes a note of what has been decided in the minutes, these minutes are then stored and shared with Mr Watson.
  • School council representatives should bring their minute book to meetings and raise any relevant issues for wider discussion and whole school resolution.



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