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Take Five

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Take Five

Morven Park's Take Five Champion: Mrs Dance 


Take Five at school has been developed by Each Amazing Breath, a ‘not for profit’ organisation. For more information see

It is a whole school resilience programme based on breathing, grounding and awareness. It is supportive of improved mental wellbeing and provides children with a practical tool to help them self-manage their own behaviour.

Morven Park started the programme after staff training during Autumn Term 2017. Once staff became confident at delivering the breathing practices, the school moved into the next phase. Sixteen children undertook training to become Take Five Ambassadors, capable of leading practices within the school.

Currently, some of our ambassadors are now involved in the ‘train the trainer’ phase. This involves six of the current ambassadors training a further eight children with the support of our outside trainer and the school Take Five Champion Teacher.

This programme will eventually become totally child led and sustaining. It is an exciting and powerful tool.

Soon, Take Five will have a display board; watch out for this on the walls outside the school office area. The ambassadors are helping to put together a display and they are collecting quotes from the children so parents/carers can understand the positive effect this programme is having.

Current Ambassadors:

Class 12 – Sean and Lacey

Class 11 – Dylan and Georgia

Class 10 – AJ and Gracie

Class 9 – Tavish and Holly

Class 8 – James and Vehda

Class 7 – Elsie and Amber

The first Morven Park Ambassadors proudly display the practice cards they created. 

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For more information about Take Five in schools follow the link below: