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It is our intention to enable children to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for children to be able to use information in a discriminating and effective way. We want children to know more, remember more and understand more in computing so that they leave primary school computer literate. Computing skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners and it is our intention that children have every opportunity available to allow them to achieve this. 

We intend to build a computing curriculum that develops pupil’s learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge of the world around them that ensures all pupils can understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation can analyse problems in computational terms, and have repeated practical experience of writing computer programs in order to solve such problems. 

We intend to build a computing curriculum that prepares pupils to live safely in an increasingly digital British society where pupils can evaluate and apply information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies, analytically to solve problems. 





  • A clear and effective, bespoke cross curricular scheme of work that provides coverage in line with the National Curriculum. Teaching and learning should facilitate progression across all key stages within the strands of digital literacy, information technology and computer science 

  • Access to resources which aid in the acquisition of skills and knowledge. 

  • Children will have access to the hardware (computers, tablets, programmable equipment) and software that they need to develop knowledge and skills of digital systems and their applications 

  • A clear and effective scheme of work that provides coverage in line with the National Curriculum. 

  • Teaching and learning should facilitate progression across all key stages within the strands of digital literacy, information technology and computer science. Children will have the opportunity to explore and respond to key issues such as digital communication, cyber-bullying, online safety, security, plagiarism and social media. 

  • Wider Curriculum links and opportunities for the safe use of digital systems are considered in wider curriculum planning. 

  • The importance of online safety is shown through displays within the learning environment and computer suite. 

  • Parents are informed when issues relating to online safety arise and further information/support is provided if required. 

  • As well as opportunities underpinned within the scheme of work, children will also spend time further exploring the key issues associated with online safety. 





  • Children will be confident users of technology, able to use it to accomplish a wide variety of goals, both at home and in school. 

  • Children will have a secure and comprehensive knowledge of the implications of technology and digital systems. This is important in a society where technologies and trends are rapidly evolving. 

  • Children will be able to apply the British values of democracy, tolerance, mutual respect, rule of law and liberty when using digital systems. 

Year Group 

Autumn A 

Autumn B 

Spring A 

Spring B 

Summer A 

Summer B 

Year 1  

Learning to use Purple mash and individual log ins.  

Create graphs in science to collect and analyse data.  

Learning to use Purple mash and individual log ins. 


An introduction to navigating Purple Mash 


E-Safety (Unit 1.1)  

Use of Chatta in story writing  

Bee Bots- Coding  

Lego Explorer maze builder- (PM) 

Create non-fiction booklet and front cover using Microsoft Word 

Year 2  

Learning to use individual logins  


Purple mash E-Safety (unit 2.2)  


Programming and algorithms  


Scratch Junior 

Taking photographs, uploading and editing them.  


Purple mash 

Coding- 2 code  

Collecting data and branching databases- animals and humans science link.   

Sharing content via email- Purple Mash  (link back to e-safety work) 


Year 3 

Navigating the use of a computer/Log ins (2 lessons)  


E-Safety (4 lessons & PSHE) 

Computer Programming  


Code for Life – Rapid Router Level 1-16 

Internet research and communication- Research skills.  


(Twinkl/ PM) 

Word processing-  

Changing case, aligning, bullet points and numbering, text boxes and keyboard shortcuts.  


(Twinkl/ PM) 


Drawing and desktop publishing using Microsoft Publisher 


(Twinkl/ PM/ RS) 



Presentation skills 


Using and applying skills  


(video recording) 



Physical Computing- Lego Wedo2 


Glowing Snail, Coling Fan, Moving Satellite, Spy Robot.  

Volcanoes project CC link to Italy 

Year 4  

Computer programming  


Code for life- Rapid Rooter  


Level 17- 28 

We are meteorologists- databases 


(Switched on computing- Rising Stars) 

Physical Computing- Lego Wedo2 


Milo Part A, B, C and D 

Project: Clearing the Oceans  

Word Processing- format images, formatting tools, spellcheck, insert and format a table and change page layout. 



Programming- 2Logo 


(PM- 2simple) 

E-Safety- Cyberbullying, safe searching, plagiarism and being a good digital citizen  



We are Musicians- Isle of Music  


(Rising Stars) 

Year 5  

E- Safety  


Google- Be internet legends  


Be sharp and alert. Be Secure. Be Kind.  

Computer programming- using 2code 




Purple Mash  

Game design using 2DIY 3D.  


Purple Mash  

3D modelling- drawing and manipulating 3D models, use inference points to draw lines and use a range of Sketch up tools.  


Sketch up  

Enterprise project  


Microsoft Office Suite (spreadsheets, publisher) 

Physical Computing- Lego Wedo2 


Projects: Pulling and Rohbust Structures  




Use of iMovie and school website 

Year 6 

E- Safety  


Google- Be internet legends  


Think before you share, Check it’s real, Protect yourself. Respect yourself.  

Computer programming 


Physical Computing- Lego Wedo2 


Creating databases- using spreadsheets to explore probability, use formulas, model real-life situations and find solutions to problems.   


Purple Mash 

Animated Stories  


Code a map based adventure using 2connect and 2code. (Text Adventures- PM) 

Film Making 


(Twinkl plan/ CC link to English) Final year @MP 

If you would like to find out further information about internet safety and how you can support your child at home, click on the following link for help and advice.