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Religious Education (RE) is a statutory subject that is taught for an hour a week across all year groups. At Morven Park Primary School we value children of all faiths and children of none equally. We celebrate this diversity through our broad and balanced RE curriculum. Currently we employ the use of bespoke units of work written by Bronwen Surgery inline with the Notts Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. In November 2020, schools in both Nottinghamshire and the city of Nottingham will be issued with a revised Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, “RE for All” 2021-2026. Our school will adjust and update our units of work inline with any changes. 




Through the use of the RE Syllabus we are strive to enable our pupils to gain insight and knowledge to equip them as responsible members of society. The Syllabus we follow encourages pupils to discover more about religion and world views on a range of topics. They are encouraged to express ideas and insights into key questions which face all human beings as we journey through life.  They will take part in lessons, visits and trips (including trips to places of worship). 




The three-fold aims of RE in Nottinghamshire will ensure that our pupils: 

  1. Know and understand a range of religions and world views which will allow them to recognize the diversity which exists in our society.  

  2. Can express ideas and insights about the nature, significance and the impact of religions and world views as they develop their own personal views on a range of issues. 

  3. Develop and use skills which will assist them to engage seriously with religions and world views.  


RE will contribute to a whole range of school priorities. Their study will promote spiritual, cultural, social and moral development, as well as enabling them to consider British Values such as tolerance and respect for others who hold different world views.  


Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 

Belonging – family, school, baptism, church (intro to faiths) 


Diwali and Christmas Celebrations 

Introduce Hinduism – celebration of light (Diwali) The Christmas gifts and Jesus God’s gift to the world 


Creation to Shabbat – Jewish beliefs and two main characters (Noah and Abraham) 


Jesus and His Miracles 

Easter – Palm Sunday and What happened at Easter. 

Jewish Stories            ( Moses and Jonah) 


Visiting a church ( What is special to us, special places and a visit to a church) 

Jewish Celebration and Stories – David and Goliath, Daniel in the Lion’s Den and Hanukkah 

Building on stories from Y1 


Celebrations – Eid and Christmas – Respecting others, Islam (Muslims and Eid) Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and their visitors 

Recall Diwali from Y1 

Jesus and his stories (Good Samaritan, Lost sheep + coin, Prodigal Son) 


Torah and Jewish Stories (What is special to us, the Torah Scrolls and Jewish people, Joseph’s story) 


Easter – why do Christians celebrate it 

Visiting a synagogue (can be virtual) – how are they special to Jewish people, what is a synagogue like, what do people wear 


Jesus friends and followers – What did Jesus teach about friendship, the fishermen, Mary and Martha, Zaccheus, what happened after his death (Peter) 

How does Jesus influence his followers today? 


Exciting escapes – Moses, Joseph and Pesach (Jewish Passover) 

Builds on Moses and Joseph from KS1 


Light and dark – Saul to Paul  Diwali – Hindu Festival 

Symbolism in Christianity and Hinduism  

Christmas – Light in the story 

Builds on Diwali in Y1 

Reviewing and visiting a local church – what does the church offer the local community 

Builds on church visit in Y1 


Expressing faith through the arts – Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism 


Easter – Main events of Easter week 

Muhammad, Mosques and prayer. Introducing Muslim people and Islam.(Allah, Qur’an and mosques) 


Caring and praying – Christianity 

Builds on Muslim prayer from Summer 1 

Hindu Worship 


Detective – Investigating Jesus 

Building on Y2 stories of Jesus 

Christmas – The Christmas story (hopes and dreams) 


Amazing men and women of the bible 



Signs, symbols and parables – Christianity 


Hindu family celebrations 


What’s important – exploring values (Includes brief view of religious guidelines of major religions) 


Beautiful World, Wonderful God. 


Christmas – Mary’s viewpoint 

Exploring Muslim Families and beliefs (5 pillars of Islam) 

Building on Y3 Muhammad, Mosques and Prayer 



Religions Here and Now (Religions and dominations in our area; Islam and Sikhism in the UK; other religions in UK) 

Exploring the Bible (old and new testament; significant characters; followers of Jesus and his teachings) 


Christmas – Significance of the kings’ gifts 

Pilgrimages – (key religions and main places)  

Building on various units throughout both key stages 

Time Travelling at Southwell Minster (Trip) 


Jewish Celebration + Family 


Making a difference (what it means to be poor, how Christian and Muslim charities are making a difference, what we can do) 


Journey through life (special times in their lives so far; special times in a Hindu’s life; Christian and Jewish Journeys) 

Building on pilgrimage and celebrations