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Tuck Shop


There are many benefits in running our Healthy tuck shop. Our Children will get a nutritional boost at morning break times especially for the children who miss breakfast before school. Our healthy tuck shop also:


  • Encourages healthy eating habits.
  • Contributes to the future health of our children.
  • Supports a whole school approach to healthy eating.
  • Improves performance and behaviour.
  • Contributes to a healthy immune system, reduces illness.
  • Improves dental health due to the amount of sugar eaten.
  • Shows parents/Carers we consider the health of their children to be important.


The lists below categorize our snacks based on their fat, sugar and salt content.


These are the healthiest snacks to choose. All contain no added sugar or salt and are low in fat.


These snacks may contain a little sugar, salt or fat but contain other nutrients that have health benefits.





Fruit pots

Sugar snap peas

Rice cakes

Plain popcorn

Plain water

Ice Pop


Mixed fruit

Yoghurt tube

Flavoured water

Our school Tuck Shop is supervised by Miss Cornish during morning break time along with 2 Year 6 children per day on a Rota system. By the end of the school year all our year 6 children will have had a chance to get involved in the day to day running of our Tuck shop. Miss Cornish will help the children with serving of food, money handling, stock rotation and the smooth running of our daily Tuck Shop for KS2 children.


Indoor playtime

Tuck shop will be near year 6 classrooms in the KS2 building


Loyalty cards/Promotions

Offers of the week/Taster day for new products will be displayed on the chalk board.


Loyalty cards to be stamped and given to children when buying an item. The card has to be full before they can get either a bag of Raisins or a Rice cake item free.

Mrs S Hamilton

Healthy Eating Manager