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EYFS Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)  is a very important stage as it helps your child get ready for school as well as preparing them for their future learning and successes. From when your child is born up until the age of 5, their early years experience should be happy, active, exciting, fun, and secure; and support their development, care and learning needs.


Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development. Children should mostly develop through the 3 prime areas first. These are:

Prime Areas

Personal, Emotional and Social Development (PSED)

Physical Development (PD)

Communication and Language (CL)


These prime areas are the most essential for your child's healthy development and future learning. 


As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in 4 specific areas. These are:


Specific Areas

Literacy (L)

Mathematics (M)

Understanding the World (UTW)

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)


These 7 areas are used to plan your child's learning and activities. We will make sure that the activities are suited to your child's unique needs. Children in the EYFS learn by playing and exploring, being active and through creative and critical thinking, which takes place both indoors and outdoors. 


In F1, we assess the children against Development Matters. 

We ensure that our Foundation Unit promotes the Characteristics of Learning:

Playing and Exploring

Active Learning

Creating and Thinking Critically


These are the ways in which children engage with other people and their environment and they underpin learning and development across all areas and support the child to remain an effective and motivated learner. 

Please see our long term plan