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Morven Park Primary School We're all unique, together as one



Who's Who


Mark Watson (Head Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Nicky Goodall (Deputy Head Teacher)


Linda Naylor (Assistant Head Teacher)


Marcella Olliffe (Assistant Head Teacher, Senco)


Leanne Doherty (Foundation Stage Lead)


Rebecca Priestley (Foundation Stage 1 Teacher, Groups: Caterpillar and Butterfly)


Leanne Doherty (Foundation Stage 2 Teacher, Class: Bumble Bee)


Hollie Green (Foundation Stage 2 Teacher, Class: Bumble Bee)


Melanie Godber (Foundation Stage 2 Teacher, Class:  Ladybird)


Louise Broome (Year 1 Teacher, Class: Hedgehog)


Lucy Philp - (Year 1 Teacher, Class: Squirrel)


Marcella Olliffe  (Year 2 Teacher, Class: Robin)


Carly Bakewell (Year 2 Teacher, Class: Robin)


Cherelle Birkinshaw (Year 2 Teacher, Class: Kingfisher)


Jo Croft (Year 3 Teacher, Class: Pine Marten)


Ellie Mobbs (Year 3 Teacher, Class: Otter)


Laura Burgin (Year 4 Teacher, Class: Woodpecker)


Karen Whitehouse (Year 4 Teacher, Class: Owl)


Linda Naylor (Year 5 Teacher, Class: Fox)


John Martin (Year 5 Teacher, Class: Deer)


Andrea Pick (Lead Practitioner and Year 6 Teacher, Class: Eagle)


Nicky Goodall (Year 6 Teacher, Class: Falcon)


Pam Dance (Y5//Y6 Teacher)


Claire Wheater (Reading Recovery Teacher)


Alison Hague (Reading Recovery Teacher, Music Co-ordinator)


Leanne McGaulley (Teacher)


Sam Geeson (PE Teacher)


Alisa Murphy (Pastoral Care Manager, Designated Safeguarding Lead)