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The children’s writing this year will be based on books from a variety of different genres. Your child will have the opportunity to study; stories with a familiar setting, performance and imagery poetry, factual texts and mystery and adventure stories. For further information on the texts that we will be looking at please see the reading list.


During their time in year 3, your child will be developing their written skills by planning and writing; stories, instructions, poems, play scripts, information booklets and letters. Children will be taught to join their handwriting, using diagonal joins, and have the opportunity to earn their pen licence. Children in year 3 are expected to be able to use capital letters, full stops, commas and speech marks correctly. We will be focusing on building more complex sentences using conjunctions and clauses. Further to this, we will be working on; prepositions, adverbs, rich and varied vocabulary, paragraphing writing, using headings and subheadings and the skills involved in proof reading.


Each week children will take part in a guided reading session, in which we work in small groups on the skills involved in word reading, fluency, inference, retrieval and re-telling of simple stories.

Spring B - The Great Paper Caper